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Great customer reviews. WILLY has them!

Reviews from verified customers speak for themselves...

Great service
Bought a new Mac mini. Willy Tech did the data transfer and got it ready to go for me. Fast, friendly service.

Barb B.
Long time customer
I have been a regular customer for nearly 20 years.  It is always fun to go to Willy Tech Shop.  I have been guided to make wise decisions. Customer service has always been 5-Stars!

steve w.
Great customer service
Went in looking for a new computer they were very helpful and knowledgeable.  Had such a great experience the 3 years ago I will definitely be back one I decided which route I want to go.

Truly 5 star customer service!!!
Jonathan was one of the most friendly, empathetic, and transparent customer service representatives I have worked with in a while! From start to finish, my encounter with Willy Tech Shop has been extremely pleasant, and I will definitely be back as needed. I'm so grateful that I no longer need to deal with the upselling I found at most Apple Stores. Trust that you will be in good hands here!

richard f.
Great service with a smile.
Fantastic service!
Very friendly service and nice people.
The service is very fast and safe. Great rates and in the neighborhood.

Jessica G. C.
Super friendly & professional
Very professional & knowledgeable, and very friendly and focused. A very positive experience. Thank you!

Tim D
Happy customer
Very satisfied
took the time to explain and answer my questions.
speedy turn around.
Staff was knowledgable and courteous.

Bekee G
Courteous and kind service!
I was dreading the drive over to Hilldale and the wait for an Apple Genius to tell me they would have to ship it to Cupertino to get fixed.  I like that I get to support a local business and they were able to unbrick my machine and get me back to an upright position. They also cleaned it inside and out, so it looks brand new!
I hope this never happens to my machine again, but if it does, I'll be back to WILLY Tech Shop!

Excellent service!
Super helpful and didn't talk me into spending a bunch of money to fix something  that would've cost me more money to fix than to buy new.  Thank you so much!

Nice, patient, thorough work
Sara and Jonathan were very patient in dealing with multiple issues with my MacBook Pro.  They called periodically to update me on how and why things were progressing slowly.  Well, done!

Tehmina I.
Excellent service!
Willy Tech Shop provides efficient, professional service every time I've needed to go in. Due to their expertise and services, I have a computer that will last longer and run more efficiently! Thank you so much!

Tom S
I have used Willy Tech Shop for years...from updates to purchasing refurbished...in every instance the crew has done the job quickly and professionally and at a fair price. Highly recommended for any type of Mac repairs!

Marilyn C
A satisfied customer!
We received excellent service at Willy Tech.  They provide a pleasant and safe environment for their customers.  Sarah carefully explained the process of diagnosing and fixing the problems with our computer.  Extreme care was taken to preserve data for an in progress project.  The work was completed in a very timely manner!  Our trusty, familiar, older MacBook Pro now works like new.  
We are very pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend Willy Tech.

Shay K.
mac tech savvy
great service from first call to last pick up. Very thorough, complete attention to detail. Knows what thy are doing. They address all my concerns and make sure I understand clearly before I leave. Trust them with my tech needs and they have never let me down.

Awesome service!
Sarah is a super kind and knowledgeable person. She did such an awesome job with the computer diagnostics and data retrieval. I am so relieved that she was able to salvage the information, and she did so quite quickly. I am so grateful for Willy Tech shop, and I will surely use their services again.

Aleen G
Great MAC Service
Jonathan and Sara have created a Tech Shop specializing in all things MAC!!  Their expertise saves my aging MacBook Pro when I eventually get into trouble by downloading something I shouldn't ...  I also appreciate the yearly cleaning and maintenance that they provide.  Please note - the extent of the service and care they apply to each machine can't be duplicated anywhere else in town.

Allen P.
Best place for used computers
I don't live in Madison so I like that I can set up an appointment and know someone will be there to help me without any waiting or wasted time.The service is excellent. They are very patient with people like me who are not tech savvy.
They assessed my needs and I bought a used computer from them which has been perfect for me. I didn't need a new one and I saved a lot of money.

Ashlyn F
Thanks for trying! :)
Took my computer here after a drop. They basically told me they knew it wasn’t fixable but they would try everything possible to fix it before giving up. Very up front and honest about the issues and quick service. Gave me his honest opinion about getting a new laptop instead of wasting money on repairs. Although it didn’t turn out the way I wanted I was thankful to have a knowledgeable person behind the desk working on my computer and giving me advice! Thanks again.

Steve H.
Great Service; No Circus
I don’t want to give the circus a bad name, but that’s what one encounters at the Apple Store. At WillyTech, you still get a talented “genius” with the perfect Apple name, Jonathon. And, you draw on his years of experience to get a quick diagnosis and turn-around on the repair. I was very impressed and happy to discover this resource serving the Apple world.

David H.
Great service at Willy Tech
This was the second time I had WILLY work on my Mac.  The first time was for a warranty issue that was solved quickly.  I needed a new battery installed and it turned out I needed a new charging cord.  The service was done fast and getting the new charging cord probably saved me time and inconvenience.  I like that they are taking the pandemic seriously.  It shows that they really care about their customers.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  All in all I had another great experience.

Josh B.l
Excellent Service
I went to get my macbook pro fixed after encountering some liquid damage. I was able to get my computer back within a week completely fixed. It was a huge relief to have my computer back to working properly.

Rebecca C
Great Mac Service
When the pandemic arrived, I could no longer go to the Apple Store for my Mac service needs and so tried Willy Tech Shop.  Wow, why didn't I discover them sooner?  I have had excellent service and interactions with staff on both occasions that I've brought my MacBook Air in for service.  The service is excellent, prompt, and thorough.  The staff are friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and professional.  Can't say enough good things about this place.

IMAC repair
Prompt and professional service. I highly recommend Willy Tech Shop for MAC repairs. They will fix items that the Apple store will not support. I'm grateful that they are in Madison.

Mac book pro check up
This shop is amazing!  Jonathan is very professional, knowledgeable and pleasant,  my Mac was ready before he estimated…under promise and over deliver!!  Will definitely refer them and use them again!

A.B. O
The ONLY place my Macs go
Jonathan and Sarah are as important to me as fabulous hair stylists, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and mechanics. They have taken exquisite care of all of my Macs for well over a decade. I can count on them to say, “Yes, this repair (or upgrade) is worth it” or “Nope, it’s time to say farewell to this one.” If you appreciate skill, honesty, and a terrific sense of humor, this is your team!

Terry K
General cleanup and removal of malware
I took my 11 year old iMac in for service. Jonathon was great. They did all that I asked including giving me help on a few software items that had been giving me fits. We reviewed my options on what may be on the horizon if my computer should fail. Felt I was treated much better than the other Apple approved service vendors in town. Well  worth the drive down from Baraboo.

I had let my 2 computers go far too long for a checkup.  Sara took a lot of time to get them up running again.  She is GREAT to work with and does not make me feel "dumb" when I ask a question I do not understand about the computer.  
Thanks again Sara for all your hard work.  I even called her after getting home a day or two later and she answered my questions so I could keep working.

Great personal service
Prompt, friendly, safe service. Feel confident when you deal with these folks. Sarah listen and knows my concerns and issues.

Jim C.
Always the best
Always the best service -- great local business -- takes care of Apple issues -- WillyTech is our hardware IT department.  Thanks!

Pat T.
Mac User
This is excellent Tech Support in a very clear atmosphere. I dealt with Sara, and the experience is that the service is: Trustworthy-Capable-Thorough-Good Communication-Fair Pricing
The whole process was enjoyable!

Karen N
Love Willy Tech
I come all the way from Chicago to go to Willy Tech. They are so knowledgeable but also very personable. I can't recommend them enough!

Wolfgang W.
WOW Service
Excellent customer service and highly experienced with Apple issues. Would not go anywhere else for support!

Sharol H
A great find!
I went to the Willy Tech Shop on the advice of a friend and was not disappointed. The care they give to safety during the pandemic is commendable. But they are also obviously knowledgeable and thorough in the care they give to the customer. Sara knew what to do and asked appropriate questions. I will be back again.

Jodi N.
Outstanding Tech Support and Service
Willy Tech Shop is hands down the best place to go for Mac computer support.  I’ve come to rely on their expertise to trouble-shoot problems, install upgrades, and extend the life of my computers.  When contemplating computer purchases, Willy Tech offers honest advice based on years of Mac experience.  Moreover, their customer service is first rate. Their friendliness and good humor are most welcome when computer issues are ruining your day.  Thank you Sara and Jonathan for all of your help!

Rich D.
Mac Repair
This repair center is well-organized and professional. Honesty is super important in this industry and I felt they are very honest here. Sarah in particular was great!

Erica K.
Mac Problem
Great service and personal response by knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend. I would use Willy Tech Shop again.

Wanda M.
Great service
I am not a “techy” and so appreciated the understanding guidance that Willy Tech provided when my 10 year old MacBook Pro was close to death!  They transferred all of my apps and data to a refurbished MacBook Air and patiently made sure that I would be able to operate it without any hitches!  All of this during Covid!

Patient and Professional
I dropped my old Macbook Pro off and described the issue, within a day or so I had some options. I couldn't make up my mind at that moment and let my computer lay lifeless at the Tech Shop for nearly 3 weeks. Once I was ready to pull the trigger on a resolution, Sarah was ready to go and kindly reviewed my options again with me. Super professional, lots of communications, and general kindness and customer service made this a great experience. Thank you!

Kimberly S
Thank you Sarah!
Service was fast, efficient, and friendly! The shop was incredibly clean and COVID conscious which is a nice plus. I loved my experience!

Jenie G.
Fast, professional service
I brought my Macbook in to have a battery replaced. Sara was friendly, professional, and very helpful, and had my computer serviced before the end of the day. WILLY Tech Shop has also taken good measures for COVID to make drop-off and pick-up easy and safe, and I appreciate them being a responsible business during this time.

Awesome service!
Willy Tech service was professional and very prompt getting my MacBook diagnosed, fixed and back to me!  Highly recommend!

Rob Herrick
Awesome service!
This was my first experience with WILLY Tech Shop and certainly not the last! Sara was great! I got my MacBook back in one day and in half the time promised. Excellent, safe, friendly, fast, and reasonably priced service!

David F.
Mac Owner
Willy Street Tech provided great and quick service after our computer was hacked.  I would recommend them to anyone.

Jim C.
Always great service
We upgraded the on-board storage on a MacBook Air to 2 TB SSD -- WillyTech sourced the drive and handled the upgrade quickly and efficiently -- got a call right on time the work was completed.  Thanks!

LeeAnne G
Great service
Great service, very clean and covid conscious. I’ve used them before and always had good experiences. Way better than dealing with the Apple store.

Eileen H.
Great service!
I dropped a couple of Apple devices at Willy Tech Shop for service in the midst of the Covid pandemic.  Not only is the technical service great, but Willy Tech Shop really has thought through and implemented outstanding Covid safety procedures.  This is a very smart shop!

My Mac and Error Messages
My experience with Willy Tech has been outstanding! I now have my computer back. I am happy to say things are better than ever, so far. I highly recommend Willy Tech; they are an authorized Apple dealer and they stand by their work.

F. J. B.
MacBook Pro repair
Handled competently and professionally (and very COVID-conscious!), and back far sooner and more inexpensively than expected. Amazing service!

Sara went through the new features of my Mac Book Pro in detail. Her knowledge and expertise was appreciated!

Customer service
The store was very clean and professional. The workers are extremely nice and helpful and I will definitely come back again if I have another problem with my Apple product.

Absolutely Great Service
This is the second time that I have needed to call upon Willy Tech Shop in the last couple of years and once again they have provided great service in a swift and timely manner. I would highly recommend them over the Apple store anytime. These are the real geniuses. Do not hesitate to call upon them the next time your Mac computer needs attention. I'd give them six stars if I could.

The Wizard
Sometimes we do dumb things and we NEED smart people to save us
Willy Tech is a no nonsense place to fix what ails you. From the easy stuff like failed components to the really hard stuff that you “thought” you could fix on your own but made a complete mess of things. Leave your ego at home and trust these professionals to correct the errs of our ineptitude. Odd, I have their phone number memorized.

John K
Willy Street Tech Shop Rocks
We non-technical kids who depend on technology for our work lives need a place like this fine establishment to provide everything from repair to explanation to training.  They do it all.  And they know their stuff.  I'm also astounded how [no matter how lame and ignorant my question may be in reality]  it is always answered with such a concern and desire just for me to understand.  Best place I've found for all your tech needs.  Jonathon rocks!

The ONLY doctors I trust with my Mac
I’m not a tech geek. I trust my MacBook Pro to work and work and work... and when she gets a cough or “kernel” something, I call Sarah and Jonathan. They’ve kept my workhorse of a laptop running for 10 years now, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Plus they take great care of me and don’t laugh when I don’t understand their talk of kernels. Thanks for being so great, team, especially in these pandemic times. Your care is appreciated!

David O
Where experience and excellence come together.
When it really matters, they make it happen. Doubtful anyone in Madison can match their turnaround windows for what they accomplish.

Madelyn S
fearless purchase
Jonathan knows his stuff and delivers great service.  I felt very confident to purchase a used computer.  He got my data transferred in record time.  I will always go back to WILLY Tech shop for all my computing needs.

Shay K.
Well set up safe environment professional clear explanation always outstanding service reliable pleasant easy to access

Jacob M
Professional, considerate, and thorough
Great ownership that is professional from their webpage to their store to their conduct. If you want to know that your computer is repaired in the most thorough way possible this is the place to go. No short cuts are ever taken. Furthermore, the owners have the customers best interest in mind especially during a pandemic. Store is clean from the floor to ceiling to the air you breath. A very secure and safe place to be. Easily my Apple repair go to place.

Dianna W
Great place to take your Apple product!
I have used them a few times now - Jonathon is always very friendly and helpful with my computer. I would strongly recommend them.

Jim C.
Always reliable, always thorough, always solves my issues
No one else in town handles my Mac maintenance issues.  WillyTech is the best.  The special care taken during the Covid-19 pandemic shows concern for their clients and customers that is deeply embedded in the entire operation.  Madison is fortunate to have these guys around.

George H
Wise people here
In context, this was an exceptionally positive experience with wise people of good humor and great skill. My MacBook needed an exam, a cleaning and a prognosis. My ignorance was met with patience and even enthusiasm. My only bafflement was with the bill. (Not the total!) The layout of information was confusing, the conditions redundant and not very informative. Otherwise, stay as great as you are. GH.

Emma B
Great service!
Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, Willy Tech Shop provided prompt, safe, and affordable service for my Macbook Air. They graciously prioritized getting crystalized caramel sauce (don't ask) out of the trackpad so I could have my laptop over the long weekend. Highly recommend; they are awesome and so friendly!!

Helpful and knowledgeable
Have had them work on a few computers always great and usually learn something.  Tough time to be doing business and the've been thoughtful about it all.

Jim C.
Always helpful, great service, local business.
We've been Willy Tech customers since we arrived in Madison -- through multiple systems -- always receiving great, knowledgable, personal service and advice, fairly priced.  Willy Tech for us, is the independent Mac expert of Madison.

Brianna B
Pleasant, Painless Experience for a Non-Techy Type
I received excellent service from Willy Tech. I needed to transfer all my info from an old, barely functioning MacBook Pro to an external hard drive. They were very quick, straightforward, easy to work with, and did a great job. I will go back to them with any future needs :)

janice  K.
Lap Tops
I just did a session with Josh what we worked on is transferring photos from the computer to the phone and from my camera  Josh does a good job he is better than the Apple store.

Tom C.
Tech Support at Willy Tech Shop
I started tech support at the Willy Tech Shop with a 1/2 hour session.  Josh was the tech person.  I am new to Apple computers.  Josh did a great job introducing general operating procedures.  He was knowledgable, friendly, and efficient.  I got everything done I had hoped to in this first session.  I will schedule another session in the near future.  I bought this computer from the WTS website, because I wanted a small, local shop to deal with.  I like what I have seen.  Great place!

Community Store, Great Service
I have been a customer at Willy Tech for over 8 years.  Willy Tech's technicians are not only knowledgeable, they are willing to tailor support to suit the individual person.  I feel comfortable referring a beginner or a person with a home business to Willy Tech.  I have and do recommend Willy Tech to friends, family, and business colleagues.  It feels good to have a community store to turn to for computer service.

Tara P.
I should have come here sooner!!!
I am so grateful to Josh for the support and guidance he gave me.  He is very patient and informative- I'm a Luddite of sorts but I need my computer- and Josh coached me to explore the technical tools myself rather than doing everything for me.  I felt very informed and excited and confident to move forward on my own after our session was over.  It is incredibly reassuring to know that when I need help again, I have a fantastic team to turn to- thank you!

Nona H.
Better than ever!
No matter what the problem, I always get to learn what I need to know at my speed, step by step and head home ready to make some real progress at the computer! Thanks again!

Jim M.
Wonderful help today with minor glitches with my Air.  The help brought my blood pressure down by 15 points!

Richard W
Josh is a very good teacher. Patient, knowledgeable & encouraging. We've always had super tutorials at Willy Tech Shop. Thanks

Lynne ME
Josh is a star!
I've had several sessions with Josh over the last two years. He's very patient and kind as he solves my list of issues each time. He has my mac Mini, laptop, iPad and iPhone perfectly in sync!

Linda A.
Mac Training Session
Josh worked with me today and clearly answered my main question which led to another and another. I came away with greater understanding and the desire to better know and devote more time to learning the capacities of the Mac.

Cheema C.
iMac training session
Josh is the best, in one hour I feel that I am light years ahead of where I was when I bought the iMac. It is my first experience with the iMac and I had stupid questions, but josh was patient and did not make me feel like an apple dummy. 

Dean H.
New to MAC world
Josh taught me a lot about short-cut commands and iPhoto. It was a great start to moving from PC to MAC world.

Sara W.
Great help!
I bought my laptop over a year ago at Willy Tech because of the support available and signed up for a year's classes.  I learned to work with changing from PC to Mac.  I've been in many times, appreciate their way of teaching, especially when I for a repeat because I've forgotten or gotten lost.  For me, it's simple, struggle on my own or get good tech support! Grateful to Josh and Danny.

David B.
Great customer service
Josh provided outstanding service. He made time to help me out with my poor technical skills. I will be returning to WILLY for all my service needs!

Phyllis N.
Super Helpful
As a member of Willy Tech Shop, I've been coming in twice a month for training sessions. Sometimes it's Danny, sometimes it's Josh, but no matter who sits down with me, I always learn a lot. They are patient with this senior citizen and know how to speak my language. I'm grateful!

Richard W
Super Experience
In the 4 or so years we've used Willy Tech Shop and the expertise of Danny, we've never been disappointed.  Always a fun time and great learning experience.

Sara  W
Willy Tech is awesome
Every time I come in with questions Josh explains clearly and walks me through a new process. I leave with a new skill and confidence.

Susan G.
Gain in Confidence!
I've had an iPad since Sept., and various people--tech savvy students, university classroom support, friends--have helped me set it up and send and receive email. But I've never felt that I understand how to use it (espec. since I'm a PC person!). The consultant was very understanding and patient; I walked out a new woman!

Mary B.
Two knowledgeable and very helpful guys!
Dan and Josh are very good teachers.  They both understand the importance of teaching moments.  They are clear and knowledgeable about all the Apple products.  They are patient and do not mind repeat questions about what to do.  After my second year of going to them for help, it gives me great pleasure to recommend their services.  As a senior, I may need to go back and sign up again, they are so helpful.  I highly recommend them and their services. 

Phyllis N.
Relaxed and Helpful
These people can speak to a senior citizen in language we understand!  I'm working with Josh twice a month, as a Willy Tech member. Thanks to his tutoring, I'm learning how to do my volunteer work with greater efficiency and speed as I learn how to use the software on my computer. Excellent service!

David C
Excellent customer service
I recently went in to get more memory for my computer. Josh was very helpful and straightforward.  He was able to find the memory I needed and installed it in minutes. I keep coming back to the Willy Tech Shop because all of the staff show they value their customers. I  receive common sense answers to my questions. The repair work they've done for me has always been reliable and prompt.

Dan K
Very Professional
I met with Josh to cover a laundry list of items I needed help with. The key issue involved iPhoto which was not completely syncing between my iMac and MacBook Pro. Josh did a great job of identifying the problem. While we were waiting for the transfer Josh was able to teach me how to navigate through the software to accomplish tasks I was unable to figure out on my own. I'm looking forward to my next visit.

Rosemary S
Excellent product
I bought a used I-Mac to replace my old I-Mac as Josh advised it would meet my needs.  I love the way it has been set up.  Dan transferred all my data from the old to new.  I would not have been able to do that.  He also set up my desktop just as I asked.   All I had to do was plug it in and it was ready to go.  This was all done in just a few hours.  I just love it.

Friendly Help, Excellent expertise
Willy Tech Shop is an excellent resource on Madison's east side. The people here are not only knowledgeable and skilled, but have the patience to show me how to access the potential in my computer. These young tech wizards speak clear and simple English that even a senior citizen can understand. What a find!

Sara W.
Great support
I bought my computer at Willy Tech primarily for the support and classes.   Made the switch to Mac in order to have this level of support.   Josh has walked me through everything from set--up to detailed explanation of I Photo.  I've learned a lot and now have a habit of googling my questions because I've watched and realized that many of my questions have easily accessed answers.   Instead of frustration and stumbling, I'm really enjoying my laptop.

Is my laptop worth fixing?
Danny was great. He helped me part ways with my good old laptop--old being the important word in this sentence...

Tech consult
Dan was a superb in helping me organize my hard drive and assess my need for an external backup. Both he and his colleague Josh have been indispensable in my late-stage conversion to Mac from PC. Both are patient, knowledgeable and understandable in helping  me overcome my neo-Luddite regard for new technology.

Shelley  C.
Great service
I went in to see Danny about migrating data from one machine to another. He offered money-saving ideas while also increasing the capacity of my refurbished machine. It's so refreshing to work with someone who remembers your name and who truly wants to help you. We will definitely be back to support this local genius.

Kathy F
Very helpful!
At 64+ I bought my first Mac - A Mac air!  Danny is an excellent teacher, so I'm on my way!  I really look forward to learning more than I've ever known about computers, in general;  and growing my Mac skills so I can enjoy my new Mac!

Thumbs up
This store is a great neighborhood resource for eastsiders who don't want to trek out to west towne for Mac help. As others note, Josh is great at customer service. I buy stuff at the shop just to help support it.

Good Solid Help
These guys give you the help you need when you need it, without any rolling of eyes or long sighs (because they already sorted you out before). They are great!

Katie R
An Excellent Service
I recently brought my MacBook in for a check-up. In under five minutes, the service dude determined that my laptop was in excellent condition, recommended it needed a memory upgrade, and suggested I test the speed of my internet service at home (which was the actual cause of the slowness I was seeing). He was straightforward and courteous. I'd definitely go there again.

Joe B
Excellent Hour
I have had my Mac for two and a half years. I learned more in one hour with Josh than I thought possible. I can't wait for my next session to learn more. 

Love Willy Tech Shop
Can't believe how much I am learning from Danny and Josh.  And it just keeps going on.  Danny has introduced me to Keynote and helped me put together a presentation for my family that I could never imagined possible.  But I've also learned so much about numbers and iphoto.  I'm actually having fun with my iMac and I would never have believed it possible.  THANKS

Rita G.
Good Honest Help
When I walked into the store yesterday, Josh met me at the top of the stairs, took the IMAC out of my arms and carried it to the counter.  We bought the IMAC at a big-box store & there were problems almost from the start.  Josh spent a long time fixing the problem while explaining everything.  This was, by far, the most positive computer-help experience I have ever had.  I am looking forward to the lessons and for the 1st time in my life, actually understanding my computer.  Josh is fantastic!

I am really grateful for the help Josh at Willy tech shop gave me. I was nervous purchasing a new computer because it was a huge investment for me. Josh really helped me have an excellent experience. Now I am learning tons about my new Mac. I am mystified at all the new stuff I know how to do after just a few lessons. I would definitely suggest Willy tech shop to new customers. Thanks!

James F.
Having just recently purchased a new Mac somewhere else, I was impressed with the fact that it did not matter to the Willy Tech people.  They signed me up for their training classes and I was off and running.  They took their time, explained things in great detail and let me work at my own speed.  I am not a computer savvy person but I am learning so much.  I cannot say enough good things about the experience that I have had so far. 

What helpful people
Just bought my first Apple computer after 20+ years with a PC.  Am so pleased with the help I'm getting to understand its features.  My kids have Macs and tell me it's all intuitive but I appreciate the help that I'm getting at the WILLY tech shop and like supporting a local business.

Kate A.
Fast and Reliable Local Help
I am just writing to say how pleased I am with the work done at Willy Tech Shop.  I love getting quick, reliable work while supporting a local Madison company!

Nona H
The BEST value in the world!
One on one training gives you access to your MacBook like nothing else.  Each session is focussed on your own questions and issues.  You work at your own pace and can cover the material as many times as it takes to master the situation.  You are always made to feel comfortable and affirmed in your ability--a perfect combination of professionalism and friendliness.

Karen K
Great instruction
My continuing technical sessions with Danny have me well on my way to being a power user of my new MacBook Pro. Danny is patient and supportive, never losing his focus. My desk top had an avalanche of files, docs and useless backups.  We are taming the monster. I am confident and empowered. 

Good service
All the people at Willy Tech Shop have been very helpful in getting me to know my MacBook Pro.  They have endless patience with me which I appreciate.  Clear instruction and good service. 

MAC store
I was very satisfied with the service I received along with the pleasant person that waited on me.  I thought he was very knowledgeable and I would recommend the store to anyone who has a Mac computer.

Melissa S.
Thanks for your help
Thanks Willy Tech Shop for your efficient, clear, and helpful advice.  I got just what I needed.  I am pleased to know about this local resource.  I will definitely go back for more.

Donald P.
Mac made easy
Anna answered all my questions in a way that I could understand. I look forward to our next lesson. She made suggestions for future sessions. I have told others how satisfied I was with the service.

Nona H.
Bravo once again!
I have enjoyed reading all the reviews and agree with every one--(unless I missed something negative in there!)--I enjoy every training session at Willy Tech Shop.  Everyone is skilled, competent and friendly.  I always learn something new and have fun, too.  I especially like the fact that I am doing the work--it really helps me remember the process when I get home.

Great Experience
The ambience at Willy Tech Shop is a welcome contrast to the alternative across town.  No parking problem, no background noise, doesn't feel like an assembly line.  Mac popularity is a good thing, and well-deserved, and Willy Tech Shop provides a pleasant learning environment.

Madison's Willy Tech Shop ROCKS!
I'm SO happy that I:
* bought a Mac
* bought from locally owned Willy Tech Shop
* bought the tutorial package, too! 
I keep coming in for my classes and getting saved by the staff, who are incredibly knowledgeable and, well, dear.  I especially love the peace of mind this has all brought...if I have a computer "problem" now (i.e. I don't know what I'm doing), it's all easily solvable thanks to Willy Tech Shop.  Whew!

Jane K.i
Incredible Service and Support
I was very pleased with the service.  Dan made it so easy for me to "hit the ground running."  I was able to immediately catch up on emails which was important because I am organizing a major project. Josh and Danny were helpful when I was deciding what to buy.  I look forward to meeting Anne when I come in for my lesson!

Mary W.
Expert assistance
An employee of Willy Tech Shop provided one hour assistance with  various MacBook issues, partly related to a lack of management skills on my part.  Josh was quite patient  in dealing with my inexperience.  In the interests of time, he did have to perform a few operations without giving me enough instruction as to how to do them in the future.  Most of the problems he dealt with would, I gather, be resolved by my upgrading to Snow Leopard which he advised me to do without arm-twist.

Maureen B.
This is Love
WHY did I wait this long before buying a Mac?  I've only had it a couple weeks, and my computer headaches are so diminished, even learning a new system.  I am so happy to be with the Willy Tech Shop on Willy street instead of the corporate store, too - we get the same GREAT, personalized customer service, but are giving a LOCAL business our business.  Every time I walk in the door they call me by name, and we are thrilled with the outstanding customer service support/experience.  I am a true convert!

Shannon N.
What a delight
Wow, I went in with a list of questions--some biggish, some teeny, but a good-sized list--and we zipped thru 'em like hors d'oeuvres.  Now I'm working up my *second* list, and look forward to getting those handled too --Thank you!!


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